Celebrities who have hair like my Dog: Part 6

dexter the cockapoo

Yes, we are still pootling along with this feature. I’m not out of ideas just yet! And today’s celebrity with hair like my dog is quite a good one, I think: Jane Fonda. God love her. In her seventies and her hair still looks perfectly coiffed! A little too coiffed, perhaps, to be a true Dexter Hair-Do – his has that tousled, “just out of bed” kind of look – but the layering’s all there.

celebrity with hair like my dog

I did consider doing a little photsoshoot with Dexter in order to make him look a little more like Jane Fonda, but I decided that it would undermine the casual and (let’s face it) completely ridiculous nature of this post. Also, I couldn’t seem to find a Jane Fonda-esque leotard that was the right size or that had the correct configuration of arm/leg/head/tail openings. I looked for ages, to no avail. I suppose I’m not surprised though –  I mean, who an EARTH in their right mind would ever manufacture a leotard for a dog?

dog outfit tortoise

Oh, I dunno – maybe the same people who manufacture outfits that make dogs look like tortoises?

dinosaur dog outfit

Or dinosaurs? Haha! RRRAAAHHHHHH!

Want to see more celebrities with hair like my dog? Then click right here, fun-seekers!

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