Celebrities who have hair like my Dog: Part 9

dexter the cockapoo

Yep. The ninth celebrity with hair like my dog. Who’d have thought there were so many of them? It’s obviously a very “in demand” kind of style. I’ve given you a diverse selection of shaggy-maned celebs – Owen Wilson, Richard Branson, Courtney Love – but now, as we begin to scrape the Google Image proverbial barrel, I present to you:

noel edmonds has hair like my dog

Noel Edmonds, Ladies and Gentleman. And not even a recent Noel Edmonds, for this is he approximately seventy years ago. Non-UK readers may not be familiar with the Noel; he’s a British TV presenter who does a weird gameshow where he pretend-phones a banker to see whether the contestants can get a deal and has painfully cringey, faked conversations with what is obviously the dial tone. Like when your Mum used to pretend to phone up your friends’ Mum when you’d been naughty and say that you couldn’t go round to play.

‘Yep…..yep….no, Barbara, she drew all over the table…mmhmm…no I told her not to, but she will not listen. Oh well….no I’m afraid she won’t be allowed round to play…no….not unless she starts behaving, Barbara..’

That’s basically what Noel Edmonds does. But he’s pretending to a roomful of adults, not children. And they believe him. Good God, television these days…

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