Champneys Tring in the Sunshine!

I returned to Champneys Tring last weekend, just as the sun was coming out. Look at the lovely outdoor pool area – I hadn’t even noticed that when I came before!

The last time I stayed I was filming some videos (you can see those posts here) and it was wintery and fr-fr-fr-freezing. I was in one of the downstairs, more modern rooms that  open out directly onto the lawns and have sunloungers to lie on. You can see those in the photograph – inside, the rooms are quite business-like but really very comfortable. This time around I was in one of the more classic rooms in the older part of the building – it was quite grand and old-fashioned and had an incredible view.

I had the best nap ever with the window open, listening to the bubbling water in the pool and people chattering in the sunshine. So good was my nap that I missed the telephone ringing – and Mr AMR was too busy watching the golf too manage to pick it up for me. It was the spa reception asking where I was, apparently (though I didn’t find this out until the following day) because I had a massage booked in. Whoops! Thankfully the ladies at reception were very understanding and booked me in for an 11am appointment – and very nice it was too. Got rid of some of my knots in my shoulders and back, though my masseur did exclaim “every muscle in your body is tight! Even your calf muscles!” I need to relax more, clearly.

That’s the view from the window of Room 31. Nice!

If I remember correctly, quite a few of you are regular Champneys-goers – which ones do you frequent? I must take my Mum at some point, for a couple of nights of drying-out and ambling about the grounds. She would absolutely love it! I just had a quick massage because it was a flying visit, but you can construct whole days filled with relaxing pursuits and there are exercise classes that look quite good fun..

Can I tell you one thing about Champneys that I find fascinating (in a good way)? The fact that all of the meal options have the calorie content and fat content written next to them. I love that! I’m not an avid calorie-watcher by any means, but I’m always interested to know a few facts and figures, and I like to have some reading material when I eat breakfast. FYI: the Full English at Champneys has 318kCal – less than the Detox option. It’s turkey rashers instead of bacon, poached eggs on toast, beans, tomato and grilled mushroom. Not bad, not bad!

You can find out more about Champneys Tring on their website.

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