Chanel Aqualumiere Lipshine

Okay, I know that in a previous post I declared my ongoing war with lipstick; how I can’t be bothered to keep reapplying it, how I hate the way that it gets on your teeth, how it smudges and ‘bleeds’. Ugh.

However, I was partially converted a few weeks back by a certain Nars product, and now I have found another lipstick that has won me over!
I was called into the agency to have new polaroids taken and didn’t have any make-up with me, and so decided to treat myself to a little bit of luxury. I spent about an hour messing around at the Chanel counter before I fell in love with the Aqualumiere lipshine. It was so light and moisturising that I felt as though I was wearing a balm, and the colour was beautifully sheer, meaning that I don’t have to spend my time worrying about whether it has smudged.
The shade that I bought is Montego, a gorgeous, pretty pink. So easy to wear and instantly uplifting. Because the texture is so smooth, it seems to disguise any lumps and bumps and flaky bits, and the subtle shine makes my lips fuller and sexier. Well, I think so, anyway!
I used it on my lips and my cheeks which I thought was pretty inspired, considering that the most adventurous I usually get is parting my hair on the wrong side. It blended well on my skin and made my skin look very fresh and perky. Who would have thought it – luxury and value for money?!

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