Chanel Eyelash Curlers

chanel eyelash curlersYes, you heard me right. Chanel. Eyelash curlers. I think that I might just have to relax my ‘no curlers except Shu Uemura curlers come near my eyes’ rule. These are sleek and chic and actually work extremely well. (Read HERE to find out why Shu Uemura rule the lash-curling ‘roost’.) They give a great curl and you only need to squeeze very gently. Like the Shu Uemura it would be difficult to squeeze too hard unless you were completely devoid of feeling in your hands. It’s pretty obvious how much pressure you need to apply because the rubbery pad fits firmly and safely against the top part of the frame. Which is what sets quality curlers apart from cheap ones. Again, see HERE for horror stories.

I have both the Shu Uemura and the Chanel curlers in front of me right now, and they are pretty much identical. Apart from the colour, and the fact that one has “Shu Uemura” engraved on the frame and the other has “CHANEL” printed on it. The Shu feel very slightly heavier, but overall, if I was positive that I couldn’t get sued, I would tentatively suggest that these lash curlers could almost possibly (maybe!) have been made from the same mould/pattern/template. Obviously I would never come out and say such a thing, but just in case you were worried about using a non-Shu curler, I wanted to put your mind at rest… They’re pretty similar-same.

Being such an important part of every girl’s kit, I would say that to own two pairs of eyelash curlers is by no means extravagant or excessive. So here’s what I would suggest: Shu for at home, Chanel for the makeup bag. Show them off. Get them out on the train, in the office, at the gym, at the post office. Hang them around your neck as a pendant, pin them to your lapel as a brooch. Frame them, put them on a marble plinth in the drawing room, place the on the dressing table in the glare of their own, personal spotlight.

The ‘Precision Eyelash Curler’ is available on counters nationwide from the 15th April and will cost £21.

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