Chanel Les Beiges: Experimentation

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For my latest video at The Telegraph I have been experimenting with the new range of healthy glow powders from Chanel, Les Beiges. Silly me, never reading any kind of press “blurb”. but I really thought that they were supposed to be bronzers! In a roundabout way, you could say that if you opt for a shade darker than your skin tone (that would be a 30 for me) then it acts as an incredibly subtle, pale bronzer – but bronze isn’t the right word at all, really. It’s more….outdoorsy. If you match the Les Beiges powder to your skin tone then what you get is avery sheer layer of subtle healthy glow to the face, but because I’m smack-bang between a shade 20 and 30, I see better effects with the 30 swept underneath cheekbones and to the sides of my temples. It gives a very nice effect.

This is definitely one to test out at a counter and perhaps spend a little time finding out whether it’s right for you – those who need more than the lightest coverage will have to wear foundation beneath this, as demonstrated in the video. The packaging is a complete TEMPTRESS with its large mirror and creamy exterior and beautiful half-moon brush and I imagine that Chanel fans will justify a purchase on this alone. If, however, you need to make a more considered buy then test it out and make sure that you work out how to use it properly. It can be buffed in with a kabuki brush or swept on with a lighter brush, but take time to pick the right shade and get the effect that you want. You should see a kind of “veil” of perkiness or, if like me you go a shade darker, some very subtle contouring and healthiness that doesn’t look like makeup at all. It’s very, very beautiful and natural.

Anyway, you can see all of this in the video which should be live on my Telegraph Page right now, link here: Chanel Les Beiges

You can find Chanel Les Beiges at here, they cost £39 each.

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