Chanel Rouge Allure Moiré: Indecise or Farouche?

Chanel Rouge Allure Moiré Collection

Chanel’s Rouge Allure Moiré lipsticks and polishes have launched; beautiful, pearlescent shades that catch the light and add a touch of high-glamour to the more dismal of autumnal days. My favourite shades are Indecise, shown left in my photograph above and Farouche, shown middle. At first, I was a bit timid with Farouche and patted it on lightly with a fingertip – you can see it in action in my latest makeup video – but you can see in the images below that I took the plunge and went the whole hog. So to speak. (There couldn’t be a less Chanel phrase than “the whole hog”!)

Here’s Indecise – it reminds me of the lipsticks I was irresistibly drawn to as a teen:

makeup chanel rouge moire indecise

As you can see, I’ve even re-adopted my typical teenage expression. Pouty, slightly cross, though God only knows what about. Probably that my sister borrowed my tights again and then also stole my Simply Red tape.

And then, below, here’s Farouche  – I think you’ll agree that it’s extremely wearable, much more so than you’d initially think. I like it a lot, though it’s so far removed from my usual look that I can’t see it becoming a permanent fixture….

ruth crilly farouche chanel moire

Indecise is much more my thing. A pearly light pink that takes me right back to 1994 and the Rimmel counter in my local chemist! Though, obviously, far more grown up. This is the clicky, beautifully-packaged Chanel Rouge Allure we’re talking about here! Half cosmetic, half small work of art. Lipstick presented this way will never get old.

Which are you more drawn to? Pearly light Indecise or the deeper Farouche? Formula-wise, there’s nothing to distinguish between them – they’re both beautiful to apply and have a lovely sheen that seems to help to visually even out any lumps and bumps and dry bits. I used a lip pencil with Farouche, just because I don’t trust my eyesight these days (too many computer hours) but Indecise is pale enough to go on in freehand. Let me know what you think.

You can find the Rouge Allure Moiré collection at

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