Chantecaille Water Flower Fluid

This has been one of my staple products for some time now, ever since a makeup artist used it on my skin at the end of a shoot. My skin had felt a bit sore – it was a beauty shoot and we had done about five or six different makeup changes! – and I wanted a moisturiser that would soothe and re-hydrate but not add any oil.

Chantecaille’s Water Flower Fluid is a truly delicate face fluid that absorbs quickly and feels refreshing, yet doesn’t leave the skin feeling tight. Although this is a brilliant morning moisturiser because of its zingy, brightening qualities, I tend to use it at night, usually when I’m in my ‘oily phase’ of the month and I don’t want to overload my skin throughout the night.

At £55 for 50ml, I consider it to be more of a luxury product than a ‘slap it on all over’ one, but it’s not so outrageously expensive that you’d wince on every application! Because it’s a fluid, it spreads very easily and so I do find that I use quite small amounts, which is very good news! I love this moisturiser because it’s just so useful; brightening jatlagged skin, moisturising combination or slightly oily skin, calming down redness and irritation – it’s very multi-purpose which makes it brilliant for the regular traveller!

Chantecaille Water Flower Fluid, £55 from Space NK here *update: it’s now £60*

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