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 There were a few cooing noises made over the Charlotte Tilbury lipstick that was pictured in Sunday’s Tittle Tattle post: the shade name is Nude Kate and it is most worthy of being cooed over! This is a rich and velvety nude, not a wishy-washy neutral; there’s no “barely there” or “my lips but better” about this one. It’s an opaque, full-bodied nude with a glamorous finish and just enough juicy shine to gloss over minor lip imperfections.

Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick in Nude Kate

Texture-wise, this lipstick feels almost old fashioned in comparison to all of these lightweight liquid formulas that keep popping up, but I’d stress that I mean “old fashioned” in the best possible way. Creamy, comforting, non-drying – needs reapplying throughout the day, but I have to admit to quite liking the process of lipstick application! All of these new 24-hour-stains and no-budge pencils and whatnot all have their rightful place in the beauty world, but you can never replace the sheer glamour of a well-packaged lipstick. And Charlotte Tilbury’s lipsticks are certainly well-packaged; this is Old Hollywood dressing room territory, here. If you were looking for props for some kind of vintage movie scene then you’d definitely be rooting about on the Tilbury counter for inspiration. Beautiful rose gold casing, Art Deco styling…

Here’s a before and after with the Nude Kate lipstick. I took these a while back so please don’t ask me to remember what I have on my eyes – it could be the little quad thing from The Body Shop (see here) but I might be wrong. Foundation is Light Wonder from Charlotte Tilbury (shade 4, see here), mascara is goodness only knows what!

ruth crilly model beauty blog

ruth crilly model beauty makeup blog

Nude Kate is a gorgeous tone, isn’t it? Not so pale that it deadens, not so dark that it tips into being a beigey neutral. Just the right amount of peachiness, I think. What do you reckon? I love it. Charlotte’s whole range has been inspired by the looks that she creates on her fabulous and iconic clientele and Nude Kate, I’m hazarding a guess, is the shade that she used to customise for her supermodel friend Kate Moss. You can find it, as well as a whole other bunch of delights, in the beauty section at Net-a-Porter here. It costs £23.

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