Choosing a New Hairstyle: The Cut

ruth crilly model haircut video

Most of you will have seen the new haircut already – about three or four videos have come out post-cut, it’s just this one had to wait until I was back on the “big computer” for me to edit it properly. So, it’s all a bit out of chronological order, but here’s the video nonetheless – starring the wonderful George Northwood, hairdresser to the stars. (He’s responsible for Alexa Chung’s chippy-choppy long bob.) I’m going to do a video about midlength hair and ways to style it, because I do think that it can look very plain and boring left unattended, but it actually very versatile if you spend a few minutes tweaking it.

I’m very pleased with my chop, though I haven’t had lots of time to play around with it yet – it’ll probably be long again before that happens! If you want George’s styling tips for midlength hair then click the link that is at the end of this video (I think you actually have to click the screen on George’s head!) and it will take you straight through.

This is the third and final video in my “choosing a new hairstyle” series – if you want to first catch up on the other two then click the following links and the posts will appear in new windows.

1) Choosing a New Hairstyle Video

2) Advice before Colouring your Hair Video

If you just want me to stop titting about and let you watch this video, look below, or click here if you’re reading via email.

Many thanks to George, Josh Wood Atelier at Liberty and also Michael at Monty PR for helping with filming and for the brilliant chop!

Here’s the Josh Wood Atelier Website and here is the lovely George Northwood on Twitter: @georgenorthwood

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