Christmas Cashmere

Everyone loves a bit of cashmere at Christmas. Cashmere can take a boring present (socks) and make it into something utterly covetable and pleasing. A cashmere dressing gown is a thing to be cherished and kept for life – a synthetic one (such as the one I have just bought from House of Fraser to cuddle the cat in!) is just a plain old thing that will get chucked out the following year when it is washed-up and tired.

Cashmere is, by its very nature, expensive. There are more inexpensive options these days (even Tesco do cashmere now!) but I would say that there’s a difference between premium cashmere and the stuff that you find on the high-street. Though I love my Uniqlo cashmere to death, it’s incomparable to my Paul Smith jumper, which is now entering its tenth year in existence.

So, I suppose, go as quality as you can. If that means gifting a pair of bed-socks rather than a full-length robe, then so be it – the quality will speak for itself and, I’m sure, the sentiment will be appreciated.

Here are some gorgeous cashmere bits ‘n bobs that I think are brilliant:

1) Cashmere slippers from Charlotte & Co. I have these, they are totally amazing. They look so pretty and they’re perfect for taking on long-haul flights – really warm and cosy! £59 from Charlotte & Co – there are loads of gorgeous cashmere gifts on the site.

cashmere slippers

2) Brora Cashmere Dressing Gown. In my dreams! £595 from Brora – they are very famous for their cashmere. Check out their lovely bed-socks! Brora Cashmere Dressing Gown

3) Cash CA Knitted Two Tone Dressing Gown. I think that I actually love this even slightly more than the Brora one! The design is modern and stylish, I love the contrasting wide trim! £350 from Liberty

cash ca dressing gown

4) Cash CA Hot Water Bottle – beats the usual ‘novelty’ warmers, doesn’t it? £50 from Liberty

cash ca cashmere hot water bottle

5) Marks & Spencer Pure Cashmere Fingerless Tipped Gloves. I love these! I have been meaning to buy fingerless gloves for the last few years, and these give me a reason to finally go and get some. I’m going past M&S tomorrow so I’ll be grabbing a pair then – you can order online as well. I’m addicted to grey – even my new cat is ‘in’ my favourite shade, but that’s more of a coincidence! The bright trim gives these a bit of an edge. Love them. £25 from Marks & Spencer

cashmere fingerless gloves

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