Ciaté White Chocolate Nail Polish Remover

There are some things in life that you simply don’t realise you need until you have them. My house if full of them. Colour coded chopping boards. Electronic pepper mills. Pillows with in-built radio speakers, a floating bath duck that plays music, a toothbrush that beeps when you brush too hard, a hairbrush that talks to you (I’ll video it one day), a glow-in-the-dark psycho-gnome, a book that translates dreams, a giant pencil and, my favourite pointless-but-nevertheless-needed object, a miniature hoover shaped like a pig.

Ciaté’s White Chocolate Nail Polish Remover is a welcome addition to my ‘crazy lady’ collection of things – it’s a nail polish remover (the ‘needed’ part) that smells of white chocolate (the pointless part). It doesn’t smell of white chocolate until the smell of the chemical has evaporated, which is why I have labelled it ‘pointless’. But now that I have this remover in my possession, I couldn’t even consider using my Sally Hansen! Because what does that smell of? NOTHING! Nothing, I tell you!

In all seriousness, this is a lovely product; it removed polish really quickly and it hasn’t dried my nails out one bit, even when I’ve used it a few times in one day. The scent left on the nails is exactly like chocolate, and lasts for a good while. The glass bottle is thick and heavy with a black ribbon bow beneath the bottle-top, the writing on the front of the bottle looks sophisticated and expensive – because it is expensive, I suppose!

Overall, this is a very posh polish remover that would look great on the dressing table of your boudoir. It’s too heavy to travel with (unless you have a porter for your Louis Vuitton luggage) and it’s too nice to leave in the bathroom where some great clod will probably knock it into the sink and smash it. So, if you’re looking for dressing table decoration to sit amongst your Creme de la Mer collection and want fingernails that smell like the Milky Bar Kid’s, Ciaté’s posh offering is £14. If talking hairbrushes and pig-shaped hoovers fail to rock your world, Superdrug do an acetone-free remover for £1.29.

White Chocolate Nail Polish Remover, £14 from

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