Gentle Clay Face Masks for PMT Skin

diptyque l'art du soin skincare range review

I mentioned Diptyque’s luscious Multi-Use Exfoliating Clay for the Face earlier on this year, but I feel that it most definitely requires a second visit. Because somehow, out of the dozens of beauty products that are crammed into my bathroom, this understated little tub of creamy clay has managed to become one of my favourite bathtime rituals. It has the kind of sumptuous, rich texture that just begs you to get stuck in and the subtle scent makes it a joy to use. This is the kind of mask that you should crack out when you have the worst ever PMT; it’s just about functional enough to make your skin feel clean and de-greased, but at the same time it manages to feel like a proper beauty treat. Cool, creamy and comforting but also exfoliating enough to be a worthwhile skincare step.

As the name suggests, the Multi-Use Exfoliating Clay can be used in more than one way; spread it over the skin and massage in gently to slough off dead skin cells, or leave it on for five minutes or more as a luxurious mask. As far as masks go, it has to be said that there are far more powerful options if you’re looking for deep-cleansing and skin-polishing (I love Omorovicza’s Deep Cleansing Mask and Glamglow and Alpha-H’s Liquid Gold Mask) but none of these offer that extra little pampering touch. The delicate “bed of rose petals” feel that we can so often crave, especially when faced with an array of high-performance no-frills skincare options. Yes we want results, but sometimes don’t we also want something that will make us feel a tiny bit more cherished? In that “treat to self” kind of way?

And so I’ve been reaching for Diptyque’s pot of clay on a frequent basis. It’s the perfect blend of functional skincare and luxury goods and I genuinely look forward to using it, though I try not to dig in more than twice or three times a week. It’s probably gentle enough to use every day, if you felt so inclined – it’s not drying in the slightest – but it would be an expensive beauty habit! It costs £44 at SpaceNK here.

By the by, another luxurious and creamy clay that I’ve been trying: NUXE’s Clarifying Cream Mask with Rose Petals. Similar to Diptyque’s Multi-Use clay in many respects, including the gorgeous, creamy texture, this mask has been formulated to purify and cleanse but again with that added (and unexpected) touch of rose. Like Diptyque’s product, it’s perfect for days when you want your skin to feel clean and refined but don’t want something too hardcore. Both would be a good option if you were looking for a clay mask but wanted something that was kind and gentle on drier or more temperamental skin. Many clay masks are strongly geared towards those who have oily or combination skins; these have a softer “kid gloves” kind of approach. You can find the NUXE mask for a very (very!) reasonable £18.50 here.

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