Clinique Lengthen and Define (Travel Exclusive)

Just a little bargain I picked up at LHR Terminal 5 – the Lengthen and Define set from Clinique. I was actually only after a new Quickliner because I had forgotten my black eyeliner, but I can’t resist any kind of discount when it’s laid out in front of me (which is why I have to avoid the sales like the plague) and this travel deal worked out to be great value for money.

The maths:

Lengthen and Define set: £24-something. I can’t find the receipt. Let’s call it £24.60, because I like the sound of it. Contents? 2x High Lengths Mascara, (value £29) and 1x Quickliner in Black, (value £13.) I work that out to be a total value of £42 – or am I being a total numb-nut here?

Pretty good, eh? You’re basically getting a mascara (and a bit more of another) for free. Incidentally, I do like the High Lengths mascara – it takes a bit of getting used to with the whole ‘bendy green comb’ fiasco, but once you get the hang of it you’re left with nicely defined, non-clumpy lashes. On a purely fickle level, I like the green comb – it’s a surprise burst of fun when it pops out of the tube, and it makes me think of palm trees. It’s also easy to see how much actual product you’re using and whether it has dried out or not – something that you can never tell with standard black mascara brushes!

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