Clinique Moisture Surge Face Spray

Two words: beach holiday. I took this with me on mine, and it turned out to be really quite useful. First of all, it’s not a spritz of the ‘scented water in a bottle’ variety – although I am partial to a lovely, scented spritz, as I’m sure you will find out – it is actually a very light, spray-on moisturiser. There’s a huge difference, in my opinion. A water spritz leaves skin cool and refreshed, and sometimes a little tighter. All lovely on a hot day! The moisture surge spray, on the other hand, leaves skin moisturised. It’s not a greasy residue (the formula is oil-free), just a completely invisible layer of moisture. It’s cooling at first, but I wouldn’t use this with the same frequency as a cooling spritz – it would be like applying moisturiser every ten minutes!

Situations where I have found my spray invaluable:

1. On the flights to, and from holiday, where the cabin air dried my skin out but I didn’t want to have to cleanse my face and then reapply my bronzer!

2. On the beach, when I had SPF on my face, but still it felt a little dry. Also on my decolletage and the tops of my feet.

3. In the hire car, which had rubbish air-con, so I had to sit with my face out of the window like a panting dog.

4. When I was quite (OK, a lot) tipsy, and couldn’t be bothered to massage in my lotions and potions, I just spritzed!

5. When I have been traipsing about London on castings, this has been rather a saviour; I can’t reapply makeup between each one (there just isn’t time!) but a quick spray of this seems to refresh makeup and make it slightly dewier.

So there we go. Very convenient. And as it’s more than a spritz, but less than a moisturiser, I’m going to call it a “spritzuriser”!

Moisture Surge Face Spray, £18 from Clinique.

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