Clinique Naturally Glossy Mascara and the "Lash Extension Verdict"

It’s exactly two months now since I had my Flutter lash extensions done. There are still quite a few remaining, but because I decided to grow them out rather than keep up the maintenance, they are starting to look a bit sparse. I thought that it would be a good time, round about now, to give my final verdict. (By the way, I’m growing them out because it’s too difficult trying to explain on shoots (especially beauty shoots) why the makeup artist can’t use the mascara of their choice, the cleanser of their choice and so on – everything has to be oil-free!)

What is GREAT about them: They make your eyes look very, very wide open and awake. You don’t need to wear any eye makeup at all if you don’t want to, as the lashes are jet-black and define eyes beautifully. The lashes are pre-curled, so no eyelash curlers required! Not having to wear mascara means that cleansing is quicker and easier at the end of the day. Being paranoid about ‘losing’ lashes means that you touch your eyes less often and actually, I think, preserve your eyelashes for much longer than you would do without the extensions.

What I HATE about them: Not being able to use my facial cleansing oils around my eyes. Not being able to use my usual makeup removers. Not being able to use cotton wool near my lashes (the fibres snag and pull the lashes out!) Only being able to use water-based mascaras – I know above I said that you don’t need to wear mascara, but as a model I have to be able to wear what I’m asked to wear! The ‘growing-out’ period where your own, natural lashes come in and look ridiculous and puny next to the extensions is also rather trying!

So it’s six of one and half a dozen of the other, really, isn’t it? Being such a low-maintenance girl (haha) I’m not sure that I could have committed to the regular upkeep of the lashes; and they’re not cheap to maintain, at £80-odd each infill session. That said, I love the effect – they really make an amazing difference to your face. Some little tips if you’re thinking of having them done:

1. Go to somewhere reputable where the technicians are properly trained, otherwise you’ll get all kinds of problems!

2. Use an oil-free makeup remover like the one from Talika

3. If you must use mascara, then it has to be water-based. I have been using Clinique’s Naturally Glossy. It ‘grooms’ the lashes more than having any kind of volumising or lengthening effect – makes them sleek and shiny. As the extensions are falling out (when the lashes they’re attached to naturally shed) you may want to use a mascara to make sure that your ‘non-extended’ lashes are as black as possible so that the lashes look more even.

4. Use the mascara wand really carefully, making sure that you don’t whip it through too fast. Wiggle it through the lashes slowly and steadily, and if you feel resistance, don’t pull the wand away – it’ll pull out the lash that it’s caught on! Move the wand from side to side until it unsnags.

Clinique’s naturally glossy is a nice mascara if you like your makeup simple and pared-down. It’s not waterproof which makes it an absolute cinch to remove, but it doesn’t smudge or drop throughout the day. The sleek silver packaging is heavy and chic – it feels like a very grown-up makeup product! I wish that all Clinique’s mascaras came in this packaging – I even prefer it to YSL’s Faux Cils packaging!

There we go then; a little summary of my Lashes Experience, and a great mascara to whack on if you’re feeling that the extensions need a little help!

Naturally Glossy Mascara, £14.50 from Clinique

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