Smart Buy: Clinique’s Custom Repair Night Moisturiser

clinique moisturiser smart custom repair

These shiny pots are a devil to take photos of: apologies. I actually got rather a shock when I edited my pictures because my gurning “concentrating” face appeared in one of the reflections – well, half of my face. The other half was behind the camera. At any rate, it’s scary seeing yourself completely off-guard and in the throes of passionate artistic endeavour.

So, Clinique’s Smart Night Custom-Repair Moisturizer*. It’s a good one, I must say, not least because Clinique make it in a few different varieties so that there’s one for pretty much every skin type. From the very dry right up to the oiliest.

It’s really hard to put a label on the Custom-Repair moisturiser, because it sort of does a bit of everything, and everything it does it does quite well. Moisturise (obviously!), smooth the skin and even out skin tone. I’ve used it for a few months now, on and off, and it gives my face a good, elastic bounciness by the next morning if I slather it on at night.

clinique moisturiser smart custom repair

I would say that the plumping action is the most prevalent of all of the things this cream claims to do, but that’s fine – that’s really what I need at the moment, what with the criss-crossing of lines on my forehead and my dry, tight skin.

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Those who have combination skin in a big way (can’t do oily moisturisers but have very dehydrated or dry patches) will love the “Dry Combination” version that I’ve been testing. It somehow adapts itself to tackle  whichever skin-complaint obstacle that gets in its way, which is perhaps why they call it Smart. And also “Custom Repair”. I dunno.

A few of you wanted an ingredients list when I featured this a few months ago in a video – I can’t find one online at all, but I’ve quickly snapped the back of the box so that you can take a look. You can find the Smart Night Custom-Repair Moisturiser online here* – it’s £48 with free delivery.

clinique custom repair smart night moisturizer ingredients

clinique custom repair smart night moisturizer ingredients

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