Monumental News: I’ve launched my own Dry Shampoo!

colab hair products

Something of a momentous post, this one, because today is the day that my dry shampoo range, COLAB, launches. What dry shampoo range? I hear you cry. This is the first I’ve bloody heard about it! Apologies, my dearest readers, but I’ve been under a bit of a gagging order and haven’t been able to talk about the range until today, the official launch date. And it’s kind of weird talking about it all full stop – a product, with my name on, in the shops…it’s not something I ever really imagined happening. I mean I’ve had my face on products and brands before, many times, but this is something very new. Very new, very exciting, and something I’m incredibly proud to be a part of. It’s a bit weird, talking about my own product, but I’m so pleased with it, so…here we go!

Dry shampoo has become big news in recent years, and I am the first to admit that I’m addicted to the stuff – for fluffing up my layers, for adding a bit of texture and volume, for taking away that little bit of grease at the roots in-between washes. But my main gripe with dry shampoo has always been the “chalky residue” issue; piles of talcum-powder-like particles that either stick to your hair and make it grey and dull, or fall off onto your shoulders making you look as though you have dandruff. And yes, you can brush the stuff out – I think that’s usually what the directions say on cans of traditional dry shampoo – but if you want to use the product for anything other than root-degreasing, it kind of defeats the object to have to take a brush to your newly plumped-up locks!

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The COLAB dry shampoo has none of that chalky, powdery residue; the formula – Sheer Invisible – is so fine and clever that it leaves no whiteness in the hair at all. No manky residue, no greyness at the roots that makes you look as though you’re going to a halloween party, it just leaves everything feeling clean and refreshed and adds an instant bit of boost if you’re hair is feeling flat or lifeless. It’s the perfect in-between-washes product and because it’s sheer, you can apply it as much as you like. I tend to spray it liberally when I’ve let my hair down from being tightly scraped back into a bun; it just seems to pump everything back up and make it all a bit more “done”.

In a nutshell, this is just the easiest hair refresher ever (if I may say so myself, ha!) – shake the can well (VERY important), spray it onto your roots and throughout the layers, massage in with fingertips and you’re done. No need to brush through, if you don’t want to. There are five versions of the Sheer Invisible formula, each with a lovely grown-up fragrance – no “strawberries ‘n cream” or “blueberry muffin” smells here! I wanted to have a product that was for grown-ups, that solved a proper beauty dilemma and that could be used in a hurry with no chance of crapping things up just before you go out of the door. Because there’s nothing worse than using a dud product moments before you leave the house; foundation that goes patchy, mascara that flakes off, dry shampoo that turns you into the living embodiment of Miss Havisham. (A level English reference there, anyone who did Great Expectations.)

colab hair products

You can find COLAB at, Superdrug and BeautyMart, it’s £3.50 for a big can, but you can also find little travel sized ones which are great for chucking in your handbag or taking on your hols. You’ll be hearing more about CoLab very soon – I’m planning a little (very scientific) no-residue demonstration video and I’ll also be showing some behind-the-scenes footage from the campaign shoot and a film of me getting ready for the launch party. (Clothed, obviously! I’m not showing the whole process!)

And as I’m feeling very emotional on this important day, I would like to take the opportunity to thank you all for your support over the years; you have truly made it a joy to write A Model Recommends, and I wouldn’t be sat here typing about my own new product launch if you hadn’t all kept on reading and commenting and sharing my posts. So thank you, all of you: and now enough of this soppy stuff. I must go and find my all-in-one body control suit, as I’m planning to wear something quite tight and sexy later!

Take a look at the CoLab Website for more info…

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