Colab Dry Shampoo – The “Thank You” Giveaway!

london look
CoLab campaign image: the London look

Sorry to my Daily Fix subscribers; this post should have made it into your inboxes yesterday, but I was transferring some video files and my internet had a meltdown. It can’t handle anything more taxing than sending an email attachment, so trying to transfer 1.5GB of video just about killed it off. But anyway, here we are, all safe and sound, and I want to do a bit of a thank you, if you don’t mind?

Two weeks ago I launched my invisible dry shampoo, Colab, and the support from readers and Youtube viewers has been phenomenal. I am really very touched. And not only has the support been amazing, but the feedback on the product itself has been more wonderful than I could ever have imagined. I mean, thought that it was brilliant, obviously, otherwise I would never have let it go out into the world, but having so many other people report back and say that they love it, that it does “exactly what it says on the tin”, that it’s a “game changer” – it’s immensely satisfying and also, I must admit, a bit of a relief. Because it’s a scary thing putting a product out there, especially when so much time and energy has been invested in it – I wanted CoLab to be something that would become a staple beauty item for a long, long time, so it was important that it was as near to perfect as possible.

colab hair products

It’s funny, too, that I have been relying on my CoLab more and more to style my hair; there was a point, over the summer, that I actually couldn’t even bear to look at the cans, let alone use them. I had discussed the concept so much, tried so many versions and seen so many prototypes of the packaging that I just wanted to lock it away in a cupboard and forget about it for a while! Now I’m back to my daily use. I still can’t quite believe that I have a dry shampoo that’s bloody INVISIBLE! I do a little dance every time I spray it in! Because there’s no chalky residue, I even use it on freshly-washed hair to give a bit of life to my roots, as well as day-old hair to banish any oiliness.

Anyway, I shall be back, as I promised, with a little how-to video (basically SHAKE, SPRAY, STYLE) but for now, thank you thank you thank you to everyone who has so kindly given me feedback and tweeted me pictures and so on. I can’t tell you how grateful I am. If you’d like to see a lovely review of the range, head on over to BritishBeautyBlogger – it also made an appearance on ViviannaDoesMakeup and Luke Stephens’ blog this week and dozens of other beauty blogs and vlogs including an amazing shout-out on from Zoella, so if you have a link then do leave it in the comments below so I can have a read and tweet it!

colab new york look
CoLab campaign image: the New York look

Now to the business of the giveaway – I have ten full-size sets of Colab dry shampoo and ten sets of the handbag minis to give away. I am SO sorry that this is UK only, there’s a law about posting combustible products that means it’s just not feasible to send them abroad. Fear not, though, because CoLab will be available in more and more countries as the months go by – I’ll keep you updated. Those in the UK can find CoLab at Superdrug and it’s also at FeelUnique and the brilliant BeautyMart (including concessions at Topshop Oxford Street and Harvey Nichols).

To enter the giveaway, please make sure you’re signed up to either the Daily Fix mailing list (daily post straight to your inbox) or the Exclusive list, which is a quarterly email. (Well, the last one was about two hundred years ago but the Autumn 2014 edition is out in the next week or so!) Then leave a comment below making sure you enter your email into the form. I’ll be randomly picking winners at noon on Friday 31st October and announcing them in the following Sunday Tittle Tattle. Good luck!

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