Chanel’s Summer Collection: L’Été Papillon.

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I’ve had a chance to take a good look at Chanel’s summer makeup collection, l’Été Papillon, and it’s really beautiful. In all honesty, as quite a “nude” makeup wearer, the bright butterfly colours didn’t instantly appeal to me but the campaign images were so gorgeous that I was prompted to take a closer peek!

For me, the standout products are the amazing coloured mascaras –  yellow, pale, limey green and a shocking blue. It’s quite a feat that Chanel have managed to create such pale shades yet formulate the mascaras in a way that the lashes still really stand out. I’ve tried a few shockingly bad coloured mascaras but Chanel’s are quite thick and really very pigmented. Light colours are never going to help define the eyes or create dark drama, but they do add a hell of a lot of interest! My bravest attempt at wearing them so far has been to use the pale green shade (above, “Lime Light”) on the mid-lengths and tips of my lashes, keeping the roots black for depth and definition.

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I’m guessing that the most popular items in the collection will be the polishes – striking, bold colours that perfectly complement the face makeup range. Lilis is my favourite (I’m so predictable!) but the most show-stopping colour is the metallic blue, Bel-Argus. There’s also a whole selection of cooling shadow sticks (they really do cool the lids!) and glosses.

What do you think? Would you wear bright mascara? As you well know, I’m quite partial to a bit of bright blue  (have it on right this minute, actually) but yellow? Pale green? I’m not sure I’m that avant garde with my makeup!

All of the l’Été Papillon collection can be found at counters nationwide and at

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