Kukui: Luxury Twigs and Easy Home Fragrancing

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I’ve just been trawling my website archives for mentions of Connock London and their beautiful body range: I can hardly find a thing! A brief candle appearance in a video that has mysteriously disappeared (I think it may have been one of the Christmas Gift Guides that I used the Home Alone soundtrack for, in one of my more naive moments) and then a fragrance review earlier on this year. But the scent of Connock’s products is one of my all-time favourite things! I’m positive that I wrote about the body wash, and the fact that my builder kept using it up?

connock london reed diffuser

Well anyway: Kukui is just the most beautiful fragrance. I find it to be quite masculine, in some ways – very warm and woody – but with this exotic, heady edge. It’s the perfect scent for a luxury body range – it lends itself so well to those sumptuous oils and rich, unctuous balms. They are the type of products that you end up guarding, fiercely, because you don’t want anyone else to use them – I hide my shower oil behind the sink! – and even the soaps and the simple body wash are a total treat. When the perfumes start filling the room you’re instantly transported to somewhere far away, somewhere relaxing and hot and beachy – this is home-spa-ing at its very best!

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The latest addition to the Kukui range is a fragrance diffuser. I love these little jars of twigs. I’ve praised reed diffusers many times before (try here for a start), but allow me to recap the benefits: you don’t have to light them, you don’t have to remember to blow them out, they won’t burn your house down if you accidentally forget to blow them out, they are always “on” and working. All you need to do, with jars of twigs, is now and again take out the bunch of reeds and turn it upside down, jamming the dry ends into the liquid and allowing the wet ends to waft about in the air. Can home fragrance get any easier? My house just permanently smells like some kind of expensive beach hotel.

In terms of longevity, the Connock jar of twigs seems to be doing pretty well – let’s see if it beats my Jo Malone Red Roses diffuser, which carried on scenting my hallway for about six months even after all the oils in the jar had evaporated!

You can find Connock here – I want to try the bath and the body oil next, so I’ll let you know how I get on. The fragrance diffuser is £38, the body range starts at £18.50.

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