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fragrance review

The selfish part of me does not want to share this information, so please consider this recommendation something of a gift. Rock by Le Soft Perfume. Quite literally the best scent I’ve found this year, and I’m more than tempted to keep it a secret! I can’t describe it other than to say that if there was a perfume called “Sex” then this would be it. It’s leather jackets and beach holidays and James Bond rolled into one. Remember the incense sticks I fell in love with? (Fornasetti ones – read about those here.) This little scent stick is on a par.

You’d think that solid perfume would be a bit of a washout but this stuff is really potent and has great lasting power. The formula itself is soft and moisturising, but in all honesty all of this is just an added bonus: Rock as a scent speaks for itself. Though a special mention has to go to the packaging – gorgeous cardboard tubes and outer boxes that make the whole experience that bit more special. Really unique and fresh and absolutely perfect if you’re looking for a cool gift.

fragrance review

You can find Le Soft Perfumes at Cult Beauty – the Cult girls have also written comprehensive scent descriptions, something I lack the ability to produce. I always seem to go off on some kind of storytelling tangent! Each perfume costs £19 and you can find them here.

(Just pondering: do I need to write a little scent “disclaimer” with fragrance reviews? I mean, along the lines of “what I like might not be your cup of tea, blah blah blah”? What do you think? Let me know! I don’t want to go all Nanny State on you, but fragrance is a very subjective matter…)

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