Cookie Policy

What’s a Cookie? 

A cookie is a little text file that your computer stores in order to make your web browsing experience more efficient. Pretty much every website uses cookies – even the teeniest blog with ten readers will probably have a cookie to track your visit so that it can tell how many pageviews it’s had and how long the readers stayed reading for. Cookies are an essential part of most websites, too, as they enable you to log in and out, interact with certain features and other useful things such as save the items that you’ve placed in your ASOS shopping cart!

Why are you telling me this?

This site uses cookies to track your visit (I like seeing how many of you come back each day – it makes it all worthwhile!) and on some outgoing links. I have to tell you this in order to comply with the recent EU Directive on privacy. What a total bore! I’d rather be eating cookies than talking about the bloody things…

What if I hate Cookies? 

If you want to turn all of the cookies off on your browser, you can do so in your browser settings. Be warned that most sites will not function properly for you if you do so! Things like shopping “carts” and most information forms will no longer work. What I tend to do personally is have a little clearout now and then and delete the existing cookies in my computer so that I can start fresh! I do this every six months or so, but it does end up being annoying because all of my usernames and so on that used to come up automatically have to be re-entered! Don’t say I didn’t warn you…

DISCLOSURE POLICY. Posts published after 24th January 2019: if the post contains gifted items or affiliate links then it is indicated clearly beneath the title. Posts published prior to this will have a disclosure within the body of the post and then an asterisk * marking all affiliate links. If the content is a paid-for AD then it is marked as an AD in the title. For more information on disclosure please read here.