Cooling Eye Treatments

Here are my three favourite cooling products for the eye area. Boy have I needed these recently! I’ve spent so long at the computer that I’ve trapped a nerve in my shoulder, lost most of the feeling in my left hand and made myself virtually blind. Hot, tired eyes are just one of my more minor complaints but it has been nice to be able to remedy the situation instantly – God only knows how many hours I’ve spent in total, rolling metal implements about on my face!

Do you really need a cooling eye product? No. Is it nice to have one? Yes. If you like to faff at your desk, as I do (it breaks up the day) then you’ll love owning an eye rolly-thing. I tested over ten altogether and these are my faves. The Lavera one would have been in here but it had gone off – it was nearly two years old and probably lacked any preservatives. It’s a nice one though, if you want to go down the natural route!

In 3rd place: the one out of focus in the picture, Ole Henriksen’s Ultimate Eye Lift Gel. Soothing, calming, cooling. Yes please. I took this on hols with me at the end of July and the ball applicator stayed nice and cool despite the ridiculous temperatures. This is £26 with free delivery at

2nd place: Clinique’s Even Better Eyes Dark Circle Corrector – I think this is a magnificent little product. I seriously doubt that it can actually lighten dark circles in any kind of long-term way, but it’s a lovely formula with added light-reflecting, circle-reducing concealer. Not a proper concealer, but a nice touch all the same.  It all helps, doesn’t it? And the applicator is cooling, too.. £28 from

1st place!  Lancome’s Genefique Eye-Light Pearl is my favourite. It WOULD be, wouldn’t it, as it’s the most bloody expensive!

[Goes off to check price and have a cry.]

ARGH! I’ve just done some sums! Clinique is £28 for 10ml and Lancome is £44 for 20ml. Lancome is cheaper! Buy it! Woohoo! This has the most brilliant applicator, it has a swivelly steel tear-drop thing on the end that rolls around like a drunk man’s head. Because it rolls and swivels, it doesn’t drag the delicate skin around the eye. The steel also stays cooler for much longer than any of the other metal ball eye-things that I tested. Don’t know why – perhaps it’s magic. God, I am so pleased that this works out to be not insanely expensive. What a treat! £44 with free delivery from

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