Cruisin: Car-on-a-Stick

push along toy mini cooper buggy

This has to be one of the best fifty pounds I’ve ever spent: I must have clocked up dozens of man hours, this week, pushing the new baby “Mini Cooper” about in the garden. Angelica absolutely loves it. We went to Toys R Us looking for a trike and came away with a bubblegum-pink toy car, but it is so much fun. Moulded “leather” seats, an opening door, a dashboard with dials and a pink plastic key… She wouldn’t be able to work a trike, anyway – the car suits her laid-back, non-pedally sort of attitude. She just sits down, shuts her little door and chills whilst we do all of the work.

We knew that we wanted something with wheels that had a handle attached – we bought a blue plastic rocking horse thing, which is brilliant, but her favourite game is to be pushed about on it, and it’s an absolute killer for the back muscles! The Mini Cooper has an adjustable handle, which is surprisingly strong considering how flimsy it looks, so you just push the car along as though it’s a hoover. (Having a hoover integrated wouldn’t be a bad idea, it has to be said. Or a lawn mower.)

Anyway, as mentioned, one of the best ways to spend fifty quid. There are probably cheaper cars-on-sticks, but the detailing on this one was great and I liked the battery-operated sound effects on the steering wheel. Easily pleased, me.

The Mini Cooper is currently £20 off, down to £59.96. Toys R Us.

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