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The gorgeous people at Cult Beauty have given me an exclusive free shipping code for A Model Recommends readers. Useful, because usually you have to spend over £100, which sometimes makes it annoying if you only want to buy something small! The code is valid for all customers wherever they are in the world, and it is for free standard shipping. (Not valid on Escentric Molecules fragrances, unfortunately – my favourite scent!)

I have rounded up a few favourites – some of the products have been mentioned very recently, or are about to feature in an upcoming post. The first outstanding item, however, has not yet been introduced to you: the Volume Lash mascara from d.j.v. Beautenizer. There’s been a bit of a kerfuffle about this mascara and I can absolutely see why; it doesn’t budge. Ever. Not with wipes, not with oily makeup remover, not with the most powerful dedicated eye makeup-remover… It stays on for days! Removing it requires warm water soaking, but only for a few seconds – I press a very warm muslin cloth over my eyes and it removes it in no time at all! The mascara forms little ‘tubes’ around your lash and these tubes stay on whilst you sleep, workout, travel, cry… (Weird order of activities there.) Anyway, I think it’s great – there’s also a less ‘volumising’ one called Fibrewig, also excellent, more of a natural finish. You can check them out here – they are £18 each.

 Next little Cult Buy – Becca’s Eye Tin in ‘Vicuna’. I have been harping on about Vicuna for well over a year by now, I should think. It’s a brilliant eye base, just the right amount of neutral brightening going on, but it also looks great on its own for a quick freshen-up of the lid. I use mine all the time. You need a tiny bit – TINY – so this little tube lasts an age. I still have a lot left in mine! You can read more about the eye tint HERE. It’s £20.

 The Bed of Nails. Mr AMR now swears by this for making him more relaxed (this is the most laid back man in the world) and for helping with insomnia. It hurts for the first few minutes, you have to “go beyond the barrier and into the zone” apparently, but Mr AMR says it is a thing of wonder, this bed of nails. And he is very rarely impressed by something that I force him ask him to test for me! Bed of Nails is £38 – read more here! If you’re into Valentine’s gifts (ie, in the first year of a relationship, haha..) then this could actually be quite a funky little present!

 Face Atelier Ultra Foundation. I meant to do a review on this last year but it kept getting lost in my drafts! The reason being that I have had it used on me LOADS for shoots, but I have never tested it out ‘off duty’, so to speak. This foundation truly has a cult following – especially amongst makeup artists, it seems! It creates one of the most airbrushed, soft-focus effects that I have ever seen, which I suspect is down to the fact that the silicon-based formula sits so lightly on the skin. Kind of like a second skin I suppose! Read more about that one here!

I have gone on about Jouer Luminizing Tint loads – it is now one of my most-used tinted moisturisers – but I didn’t realise that they did these little weeny sizes of it! You can get 4 x 5ml tubes for £15, which price per ml doesn’t work out too horrifically compared to the full size. If you didn’t want to splash out £29 for the big tube, then this would be a very good way of giving it a try! (And mini sizes are great for when you’re on-the-go…) Have a look at those here – I use shade ‘Pearl’, just so you know!

Anyway, there are loads of amazing things in Cult Beauty‘s treasure trove of delights, so I highly recommend a little browse! It’s a Beauty Junkie’s Paradise! The shipping code is valid until the 28th January 2012 and all you need to do is to enter CULTBSHIP where prompted. Enjoy!


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