Cult Beauty – Some Unusual Gifts with Free Shipping!

Every time I browse on Cult Beauty there are loads of things that I want – unusual things, beautiful things, covetable things. If Cult Beauty were an actual store that you could walk around, I imagine that it would have this super-modern room full of hi-tech beauty brands, and then you would go through a little doorway at the back and it would lead you into a little old room crammed with treasures! Such is the diversity of Cult – everything from body scrubs to stink bombs! (More on that below..)

You may, by now, be feeling the first twinges of Christmas panic; difficult boyfriends, hard-to-please mother-in-laws, friends who have it all.. What to buy them? I have been trawling Cult Beauty‘s virtual shelves this week and a few of my suggestions are detailed below! Cult Beauty are offering free worldwide delivery on every order this weekend, exclusively for AMR readers – you need to use the code MRSHIP at the checkout. (IMPORTANT: you need to choose standard shipping on the shipping options and then on the next page you’ll have the opportunity to enter the code and the shipping charge will be deducted from the total.)

Some Chrimbo Suggestions!

bed of nails pink acupuncture

1) Bed Of Nails Acupressure mat, £39. This mat can apparently relieve headaches, muscle pain, insomnia and about a trillion other stress-related ailments. I was sceptical until Mr AMR gave it a few test-drives – after wincing for the first few minutes, he promptly fell asleep on it for ages. (I was tempted to sit on him and give him a shock, but resisted.) A good gift for anyone who needs to de-stress and relax body and soul. For something that could actually make a difference to your daily wellbeing, I don’t think that it’s badly priced whatsoever!

cire trudon stink bombs2) Cire Trudon Stink Bombs, £30. Well these are a whole lot of fun, aren’t they? Tiny glass vials of powerful room fragrance that truly lasts an age – you throw the bomb at a hard surface and the fragrance is released when the vial breaks! Makes a nice alternative to gifting a candle, I think, and they’re made by a world-renowned interior scents brand so you can guarantee that the fragrance itself will be utterly delightful!

molecule-01-travel-size3) Molecule 01 Travel Bottle and Box, £38. I’m absolutely obsessed with this scent. If you want to know why, you can read my recent post all about it! It’s truly wonderful – and this travel edition makes it purse-friendly. In fact, at £38 for 30ml, it’s not too differently priced from a mainstream perfume. But oh, so, so much better!

razorpit-with-razor4) Razorpit Razor Sharpener, £20. You’d be forgiven, at first, for thinking that a razor sharpener would be a little bit gimmicky – something you’d buy as a gift that the recipient would immediately hide in the odds-and-ends cupboard. But this sharpener actually works. I have been a-testing! It uses something similar to the traditional rubber strip that barbers use to rid the blades of debris and dried-up soap and skin (UGH.) reviving the blade and keeping it super-sharp. It claims to extend razor life by up to 150 times, and the only razors you can’t sharpen are the ones with the funny soap ring around them. What I love about this idea is that one razor head could last you the entire year – saving you a fortune and also reducing waste that’ll only end up in the landfill!


5) STRANGEBEAUTIFUL Library of Camo Nail Laquers, £49.99. Another great gift-splitting idea, although with the beautiful hand-etched box you might end up keeping these for yourself! I have never tried STRANGEBEAUTIFUL but have only heard the most amazing things about them – the polishes are apparently second-to-none, with twice the amount of pigment as a standard polish and lots of steel balls inside the bottle for effective mixing when you shake. The shades are inspired by various army camouflage uniforms from around the world. Nail varnish with a distinct edge.

That’s just a few ideas, but there are loads of gorgeous little gifts and stocking fillers on the site – have fun browsing!

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