Cyber Peach Lipstick, Take Two!

Lola Matt Long Lasting Lipstick in Minx

Another bright, peachy lipstick for those of you who are looking for something pretty but borderline-neon for the spring. Last week I discovered Devon Sunset from Burberry; this week’s “cyber peach” is from a cosmetics brand called LOLA – you can find them at Marks and Spencer online.

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“Minx” is a gorgeous, creamy peach lipstick with what I can only describe as a vibrant pastel finish. It’s described as a matt, long-lasting lipstick but in actual fact the texture is sumptuous and velvety – more of a demi-matte, really, if such a thing exists. At any rate, it’s quite a nice alternative to the Burberry Kisses Devon Sunset, if you want to halve your spend but get the same kind of peachy colour shock. This one is far more opaque, so you can’t sheer it out or build it up like you can with Burberry’s Kisses lipsticks, but with such a vibrant shade you’d probably want to “go in strong” anyway…

Burberry Kisses review…

LOLA’s Minx (shade 105) is online at Marks and Spencer here. It costs £12. (Note: the shade shown online bears absolutely no resemblance to the lipstick in real life.) (Other note: yes I HAVE had my hair done! Thank you for asking – I’ll tell you all about it in Sunday’s post!)

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