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Hello Daily Fix-ers! If you don’t know whether you’re a Daily Fix-er or not then ask yourself one question: do you receive the daily email from A Model Recommends? If you do, then you’re a Daily Fix-er. If you don’t, then WHAT AN EARTH ARE YOU PLAYING AT?  Subscribe to amodelrecommends.com by Email

Now I’m having to do a little bit of spring-cleaning and so if you are a Daily-Fix-er already then please pay attention.

Some of you (those who subscribed in the last six months or so) receive your daily email from a different provider, Mailchimp. I’m getting rid of this method of subscription because so many emails seem to go to people’s spam boxes – I’m putting all of the subscriptions through Feedburner, which was my original method. If your email every day looks like this:

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ie, WITHOUT a logo on it, then you are fine and need not do a thing! You’ve obviously been suffering my random posts for ages – well done you for sticking around so long.

If your email looks like this one below:

a model recommends daily fix

ie, DOES have my logo on it, then would you be so kind as to hit this next link and re-subscribe through Feedburner? I’m so sorry to be an inconvenience, I really am! Subscribe to amodelrecommends.com by Email

I’m trying to streamline my admin to make things a little easier and a lot more effective, so thank you for being cooperative, it’s very much appreciated.

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