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Yesterday evening, feeling both physically and emotionally drained by what I suspect was a case of minor food poisoning (two glasses of champagne cured it in the end – it’s always the simple remedies) I made my way to Mayfair to take a little look at the new body care range by Davina Peace. It was bitterly cold outside, but when I arrived outside the door of the grand Mayfair townhouse, I could see that the white room beyond was lit up by scores of beautiful candles. I felt rather like a Victorian street urchin peering into a perfect family Christmas tableau; fairy lights above the mantlepiece, people laughing happily holding flutes of champagne… Obviously I am nothing like a Victorian street urchin, unless they used to wear Belstaff boots and cropped biker jackets.

Davina Peace is a great name, isn’t it? Things that come instantly to mind when I hear it: doves, white linen, heaven, feathers, clouds, churches (bizarrely), candles and cleanliness. The perfect name, then, for a range of body care products that are utterly luxurious yet totally natural and gentle. Formulas are rich in active ingredients, packaging is heavy and expensive, yet the products manage to be 70% organic and the packaging is 100% recyclable. Davina Peace has set something of a benchmark for luxury brands, I think – as consumers are becoming more aware of ingredient origins and of the sustainability of certain materials it is increasingly important that luxury goods have a more ‘ethical’ philosophy behind them.

So, with the Davina Peace philosophy in mind – to create organic products that are luxurious and effective – let’s take a look at the products! The body cream is rich, thick and packed full of active ingredients including sweet orange oil, geranium oil and rose oil – all organic, of course. There’s an oil for everything squashed into this indulgent cream; something for wrinkles, something for soothing and calming, something for balancing and normalising the skin. This cream goes far beyond the ‘luxury’ of body creams that are merely standard creams with added high-end fragrance; each organic oil has a specific purpose, and they work together to smooth and tone the skin. If you prefer the texture of a body oil, then you won’t miss out on any of these organic oils – they’re all squashed into the chic glass bottle, along with Crambe Maritima to revitalise the skin. The oil absorbs really quickly and isn’t greasy in the slightest. It leaves a ‘dry-oil’ finish; gleaming and sexy. Both the cream and the oil leave skin feeling absurdly soft. I used them both last night after my bath – oil on bits prone to cellulite, cream on drier extremities – and the formulas still feel as though they are working hard. The fragrance from the oils is subtle but very beautiful.

These products are luxury products and priced as such – the body oil is £45 and the cream is £55 – but they contain way more active ingredients than other products at this price point, and they’re natural and organic! I think that this is an amazing achievement by the ‘three musketeers’ behind the development of the brand (including Davina herself, obviously!) who have worked their socks off to perfect the products and ensure that they are made responsibly and ethically at every stage. I seriously cannot wait to see what they come up with when they launch their skincare range next year!

Davina Peace launches in Harrods on November 1st, and is available online at www.davinapeace.com

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