Dior Creme Abricot: Try not to Eat It.

dior nail cream and manicure

Many will be aware of my love for Dior’s nail polishes – I think that they get them just right. The shades are great, the formulas are easy to apply, the brush size is perfect for getting an even finish with just one coat… So it was a warm welcome that I gave to their new manicure range; I have the Diorlisse manicure ridge-filler basecoat and the Creme Abricot nail cream. Both fabulous and more than a little easy on the eye, packaging-wise!

The Abricot smoothing, perfecting nail-care is one of those “healthy nails faked in just one coat” kind of products. I have it on at this very moment and my nails are smooth, shiny and have that slightly pale sheen that makes them look chic and expensive. I like this base-coat so much that I don’t bother putting any polish over the top of it. I have been reverting back to it for weeks, now, just popping it on and looking as though I have the best-maintained hands in town.

And then on to the little pot of juicy dreams that is the Creme Abricot; even the name is delicious. This is a thick, gooey cream that is so lush – slightly sticky when you first apply it, but this is good as it doesn’t simply slide off like many nail treatments. You also use very little at a time as a quick dab into the pot is enough for each finger. It’s more of a bedtime ritual, as things tend to stick to your fingers if you put it on during the day! Saying that, I like to pop some on and massage it in when I’m at my desk and then let it get to work as I’m typing away all day. It’s left the skin around my nails very smooth and neat – no flaky bits or hard shards of skin sticking out.

You can find Creme Abricot at Escentual.com here

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