BB Cream for the Eyes: thoughts, please.

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I have to say that I was more than a little surprised to find, one day, a whole heap of people leaving comments on my Youtube channel about how much they loved this little eye-cream-concealer hybrid from Dior. Surprised, because usually very expensive beauty products get quite a negative response and this one (£29 for 6ml!) is definitely expensive.

On the other hand, I suppose that I wasn’t that surprised because I really like Dior’s Hydra Life BB Eye Cream too. It’s light and refreshing but also does a halfway decent job of covering up dark circles. It’s not heavy coverage, not by any means, but it’s not that weakling, barely-there coverage that you get with some of those illuminating under-eye pens.

I’d say that the Dior BB Eye Cream reminds me quite a lot of Perricone MD’s No Concealer Concealeran annoyingly-named product that has a similar price-per-ml. Another similarity lies in the added sun protection – Perricone’s has a mineral SPF35, Dior’s has a broad spectrum SPF20. I’m not sure how much of it you’d be piling on, so it’s debatable as to whether or not you’d get the full whack of protection, but it’s worth noting.

In terms of the BB Eye Cream being an “enhancing eye illuminator” (see front of tube) I’m not quite sure. This definitely isn’t a matte finish concealer and it doesn’t dull or dry out the skin, but it doesn’t have the reflective properties of something like Touche Éclat. (Thank goodness. Anyone else sick of seeing very badly executed Touche Éclat on tired faces? It’s like sticking fairy lights on a needle-less Christmas tree.) There’s a hint of luminescence, a touch of brightness, but nothing shiny or shimmery – just the perfect kind of concealer to pat over the top of foundation or underneath a BB Cream. (Under or over, as you prefer. I usually go over with a lighter-textured concealer like this one, otherwise the foundation just covers it up and renders it useless.)

There are only two shades – I use the lighter one – so this really is a “perk you up” kind of product rather than a serious addition to your full makeup routine, but for those who enjoy fresh-faced days with very little in the way of base, it’s a handy little thing. I stress little:

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It looks minute compared to the more familiar Diorskin Nude BB Cream! If you fancy giving it a whirl then bear in mind that it’s a whole £6 cheaper at than anywhere else. I have no idea why! £24 at or £29 at FeelUnique, House of Fraser, etc. You can watch me applying the BB Eye Cream in my recent makeup video, the post is here.

What do you think? Has anyone else tried this? Let me know in the comments below – especially if you have dry skin. Do you have to use an eye cream beneath it, or do you apply it straight to cleansed skin?

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