Dior Rouge Balm for Plumpy, Tinted Lips.

Dior Rouge Balm Review

I mentioned this tinted balm right at the end of last week’s “What’s In My Makeup Bag” video but have used it so much that I thought it deserved a proper post. I hadn’t tried a Dior Rouge Balm (or Baume!) before this one – where on earth have I been? I’ve looked online and you can get it in loads of different colours. Delicious.

The Rouge Balm is a really buttery, sumptuous lip treatment and so comfortable to wear. Like the Rouge Coco Shine from Chanel, it’s just the type of lip “thing” that you want to keep reapplying – which is handy, because it’s by no means one of these 12-hour/24-hour/non-transfer/remove-with-a-blowtorch affairs. But neither does the colour slide around or quickly disappear – one coat of this and you have a plumpy, tinted look with a nice amount of sheen.

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Here I am wearing one of the limited edition shades from Dior’s Kingdom of Colours collection; it’s called “Belle de Printemps“. Please ignore the rest of the makeup which – quite frankly – isn’t my best effort. I was testing out a new foundation and concealer and it didn’t do the most marvellous job in the world. Anyway, the lipstick: like it? I think that it’s the perfect little peachy-ish number to bridge the winter-into-spring gap – it’s effortless and pretty and feels beautiful to wear. The other day I raved about Chanel’s Rouge Allure Gloss in “Sensible”; “Belle de Printemps” has the same suits-all-purposes kind of flush, but without the hi-shine finish.

Dior say that the baumes contain ten times more lipcare ingredients than their classic lipsticks and I can easily believe that. I usually apply a balm (Sisley or Nuxe, more often than not) before any lipstick or gloss, but haven’t needed to before the Dior Rouge Baume. Which I think speaks for itself. You can find “Belle de Printemps” at Escentual.com – it’s £26, but if you’re shopping before midnight on Monday there’s 20% off with the code ESCENTUAL20, taking the price down somewhat! Those reading via email: my apologies, I couldn’t have timed this post more badly.

Oh – the nail polish, I almost forgot about that. It’s pictured top – Lady. Gorgeous shade, and I love Dior polishes, but I haven’t had a chance to pop this on my fingers. Will update you with pictures once I get a spare moment to paint my nails.

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