Diorskin Nude Tan Paradise Duo

dior nude tan paradise duo

About two weeks ago I posted up a video showing my luxury makeup treats for the summer (link below) and there are a couple of products in particular that I wanted to pick out and review in more detail. Dior’s Nude Tan Paradise Duo is the first of these things. The standard, permanent Nude Tan powder in Sunlight is one of my all-time favourite powders – it’s subtle, easy to apply and long-lasting. (See it in my top five makeup products post.) The limited edition Paradise Duo version has both bronzer and blush, to be used separately or together for a convincing wash of sunshine.

I have shade 01, which is a pink blush duo, but I imagine that many will prefer 02, the coral version. (Maybe I’ll be wrong about that – it’s just my instincts talking.) I’m drawn more to the coral-toned duo myself, but I have the pink one here and it does give the most gorgeous flush to the skin. Often I think that people go too bronzed in the summer and it can look false and orangey – the addition of a small amount of fresh, pimky blush can bring the whole thing alive a little. Make everything a bit less two dimensional. I’m talking subtle hints here, with the blush, not full-on dolly cheeks!

Have a look at the luxury video if you want to see what I mean about adding a little blush – I actually use By Terry’s Hyaluronic one in the video, (more of that later) but it gives you an idea as to the effect. I also like it when the blush is mixed together with the bronzer, giving an almost burnished look. It’s not desirable to burn in the sun, I’m well aware of that, but outdoorsy holiday skin will often have a bit of a flushed tinge, so it can look very realistic to recreate this with blush. Works best, I think, if you already have some colour to the face – try it when you’re on your holidays or after you’ve used a facial self-tanner. I really like the effect, you may disagree! I’ll repeat, though: use a light hand. I’m talking subtle hints, everyone, subtle hints!

You can find the Nude Tan Paradise Duo at FeelUnique.com – it’s £40 with free delivery.

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