Don’t Worry – It’s a Work in Progress!

work in progress

For those of you wondering if you’ve gone wrong somewhere and landed at the wrong website: you haven’t, and it’s not. I was just doing a bit of tinkering about and things got a little…stuck. And now, because of The Law of Sod, I have no time to work on the site until next week, so things might be a bit out of sorts for a while. If I’m completely honest, I actually prefer this cleaner look, but there are many dysfunctional elements that need seeing to and naughty little blips that need ironing out and all of that takes time. I’d pay someone to do it, but I’m a complete and utter control freak. Just one of my many downfalls. It took me about a hundred and eighty man hours to build the last incarnation, and it’s not as though it was particularly impressive! Ha!

Right – onwards and upwards, people, and be safe in the knowledge that YES, this is the one and only home of A Model Recommends.

DISCLOSURE POLICY. Posts published after 24th January 2019: if the post contains gifted items or affiliate links then it is indicated clearly beneath the title. Posts published prior to this will have a disclosure within the body of the post and then an asterisk * marking all affiliate links. If the content is a paid-for AD then it is marked as an AD in the title. For more information on disclosure please read here. 


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