Dr. LeWinn’s Angry Mask!

Ha! How angry does this mask make me look? It’s brilliant! I’d quite like to keep it on for a whole day and watch people’s reactions as I go about my usual business. “A croissant and a fresh orange juice please!” “Can I send this parcel to the States, first class?” Or, “I’d like to look at that Louis Vuitton bag on the top shelf, please”, or “can I try these Louboutins in a size six?” Or, even better, “the sign says that you do complimentary facials with every purchase?”

Little glimpse into my exciting daily routine there…

Where was I? The mask! This is not just any mask, this is a Dr Lewinn’s Line Smoothing Complex High Potency Treatment Mask. Designed to soothe, smooth and hydrate the skin, it delivers high-potency ingredients via the “hydragel” that sticks in a thick layer over the entire face. I really like this mask because it’s not messy – though I have my hair tied back in the photograph, I could easily not have had it so severely scraped back from my face! There’s no serum or cream or gel oozing out from the mask, it’s just a solid gel, a bit like one of those headache strips you can buy.

I left the mask on for twenty-five minutes, after which time I peeled it off and chucked it in the bin. My skin felt extraordinarily fresh and cool and it definitely looked more toned and bright. Considering the strength of my hangover (a definite 8.5 or possibly 9) my face was left looking pretty bloody good!

Yes, I would recommend and YES, if you are having a girls’ night in then you should most definitely buy a box (you get six masks in a pack) and split the cost. Price per mask comes in at an extremely reasonable £6.37 – about the same as a large glass of wine at your local Pitcher & Piano or about half a glass of wine if you happen to live in London, where one gets continually and persistently fleeced at every possible moment.

Dr Lewinn’s Angry Masks, 6 for £38.20 with free delivery at FeelUnique.com. Dr Lewinn’s have a recently relaunched website, that is here.

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