Dr Lewinn’s Renunail Treatment for Weak Nails

I have been using Dr Lewinn’s Renunail recently to try and sort out my splitting, cracking nails. Obviously I am lacking something in the vitamins and minerals department, but that’s a whole other story! Anyway, this Renunail stuff is quite marvellous – my nails are strong and not even threatening to break! Top marks. It smells as though it has every chemical in the world thrown into it, but I can live with that. Method: I applied two coats, every day for six days, and then on the seventh day removed the whole lot and started again.

WHICH IS A TOTAL LIE. That’s what you’re supposed to do. What I actually did was apply two coats on day one, nothing on days two, three and four, one coat on day five and two coats on day six. On day seven, I painted over the whole lot with Dior Addict in Incognito, then on day ten I took the whole lot off! Ooops. Nevertheless, my nails were strong and glossy and amazing – I can only imagine how well this stuff works if you actually follow instructions…

It’s £17 for a whopping 30ml. I reckon that if you were like me and useless at following instructions, you could use the Renunail almost as a treatment base coat each time you were about to paint your nails. Or for a few days up to your “nail painting” day. Just an idea…

£17 with free delivery from FeelUnique.com. Dr Lewinn’s recently relaunched website is here

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  1. Rita
    April 28, 2021 / 5:37 pm

    Has Renunail been discontinued ?

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