Dr Murad Q&A: 10 Top Skincare Questions

a model recommends skincare questions

In the summer I asked you to write down your most burning skincare questions so that I could pass them on to Dr Murad. I picked the ten that I thought would be most useful to a large number of people, so hopefully you will find this little Q&A series helpful. Some quick notes before we get onto the actual Q&A:

1) In his answers, Dr Murad refers quite frequently to his “three-pronged” approach to healthy skin and general wellbeing – it’s not just about skincare. it’s about diet and it’s about emotional health. Can I just say, right now, that this is SO TRUE! Diet and emotional wellbeing will affect your skin way more than skincare ever can – skincare is important, really important, but in a way it’s just the “icing on the cake”. I quote from Dr Murad’s email:

“Using topical products that are ideal for your age, skin type and your skin concerns will reach 20% of your skin from the outside and can really achieve dramatic results. To reach the other 80%you need to look internally. Diet is very important and Dr. Murad recommends you Eat Your Water. This means including lots of raw fruit and vegetables in your diet as well as the appropriate supplements to meet your skin concerns. It is also important to take care of your emotional health. When it comes to skin care, stress can override all the hard work you’ve put into the topical and the internal. Take some time out for yourself, laugh with friends, go to that dance class, go to a spa for a facial and explore your inner passions! After all if you are happy on the inside, it shows on the outside.”

2) This series is not “sponsored” content; I thought that Dr Murad’s answers would be helpful and provide a valuable resource. Dr Murad is naturally going to refer to his own product ranges in his answers, but his advice, I think, is brilliant because it doesn’t cite skincare as being the “supreme answer” to everything. The overall message is that we need to look carefully at our diets and lifestyles, and this is probably the most sensible message that I’ve heard in the beauty world for ages!


Question 1 “How can I get rid of pigmentation?”, is here.

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