Dr Organic Vitamin E Super Hydrating Cream

My skin has been taking a HUGE battering recently; long flights, late nights, freezing temperatures and lots of marathon walks around New York have totally dried it out. Add to this the fact that my house is buried beneath a thick carpet of building dust and that the central heating is cranked up to the max…get the picture? The problem for me is that no matter how dry my skin feels on the surface, it’s still combination skin, and it still gets oily in certain areas and at certain times of the month. So I can’t go about slathering on huge amounts of rich, unctuous cream, because I will almost certainly start getting breakouts.

I’ve been looking for creams and balms that absorb nicely, that moisturise and protect for long periods of time, but that don’t aggravate my oiliness too much.  I’ll be doing a round-up of my favourites very soon (when I actually have more than three minutes spare in my life!) but I wanted to quickly tell you about the cream I’ve been testing out from Dr Organic. I mentioned Dr Organic a few weeks ago – I was very impressed with the variety of ranges that they had produced, covering every type of skin complaint imaginable! If you missed that, then catch up here!

Their Super Hydrating Cream is very good – especially considering its bargain-basement price – £6.99! In the jar, the cream looks quite light and I was surprised to find that on contact with skin, it seems to turn thicker and heavier. This is a strong, strong cream – it hydrates intensely and protects the skin for hours. If you suffer from extreme dryness, this is a great, inexpensive way to keep moisture levels topped up. I applied sparingly to my face, avoiding the T-Zone and it instantly made a difference to the look and feel of my skin. I have also been using it on my hands as an intensive overnight treatment – a little goes a very long way!

This product isn’t a luxury pampering product; it doesn’t smell incredible, or have a pretty jar – it’s effective and it means business. If you have ridiculously oily skin, then as usual, best to avoid, but if your skin is falling to pieces over the winter, then it’s definitely worth a go! The formula is 100% organic and contains oils and butters that will really help to protect skin against the ridiculous temperature changes that we all subject our poor faces to!

Vitamin E Super Hydrating Cream is £6.99 from Holland and Barrett.

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