Dr Perricone’s Super Green Apple Breakout Solutions

clarifying activator perricone I have had really yucky skin recently. First I was ill, then I was on two weeks’ worth of antibiotics, then the website got hacked and I was supremely stressed. My skin, usually so lovely and well-behaved (apart from a few days every month!) went absolutely mental. I mean, I just didn’t know what it was trying to do! For a fleeting moment, I understood what it was like to be a man trying to reason with a pre-menstrual woman. Actually, I won’t generalise here for fear of a backlash, so I’ll change that statement to: for a fleeting moment, I understood what it was like to be Mr AMR trying to reason with a pre-menstrual Mrs AMR.

There. No disclaimers needed now.

Waffle over, time for the review! Super is Dr Perricone’s younger, more accessible range. It still contains many of his ‘wonder’ ingredients but concentrates more on the various skin benefits of superfoods. The blemish range has ‘Green Apple’ at its core (HA! Pun of the week?!) delivering antioxidants to the skin and drawing on the calming properties of Quercetin to help soothe sensitive faces. I used two products from the range.

1) Super Clarifying Activator: this is a prep-treatment, so I have been using it after cleansing and before moisturising. It contains Glycolic Acid, Salicylic Acid and Malic Acid and so should, by all rights, be a nice exfoliant. I certainly noticed a difference to the brightness of my skin and I didn’t find that the Activator dried it out or caused any sensitivity. I left about twenty minutes between using this and moisturiser because I wanted to try and keep the pH low, giving the acids a chance to get to work. Whether twenty minutes was enough or not I have no idea, but I definitely think that this little liquid did good things!

spot treatment apple

2) Breakout Solution: Dr Perricone has formulated this one to be used all over or as a targeted spot treatment. I didn’t actually read that and have been using it all-over even though I only had three spots! Ooops. I’m happy to report, though, that I experienced no drying or sensitivity – I think that this is a really nicely put-together product. Most other spot treatments I own would have your skin flaking off all over the shop and would be an absolute no-no for all-over use, but this hardly even needed moisturiser afterwards. A light one would be good – I really want to try the one from the same range, I’m interested to see how the products all work in conjunction with one another.

Good results, then, for the Green Apple Quercetin products. The salicylic acid works away at exfoliating the skin and clearing it up, whilst the green apple really does seem to calm the skin. I don’t have particularly reactive skin, but I’d (hesitantly!) say that this could be a good one to try if you find normal blemish ranges a little harsh. I’m tentative as always when recommending anything for sensitive skins because they vary so much in behaviour but if you can get some little sachets of this or do a patch test in Boots then do! Let me know how you get on.

The Super Green Apple range is available at Boots.com – the Activator (here) is £28.50 and the Breakout Solution is £37.

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