Dream Cream

“Lush. Hmmmm.” That’s usually what goes through my head when I pass one of their shops. Indeed, that’s what goes through my head when I get within a three-mile radius of one of their shops, such is the strength of their scent. I’m not a massive fan of the whole ‘fragrance assault’ approach – when I walk past a shop, I don’t want to still be smelling of it ten minutes later!

So it’s safe to say that you’d never catch me buying a bath ballistic, and you most definitely wouldn’t see me squirting the perfume testers all over my person, but there are a good few Lush products (and I’m sure many more will become known to me) that are virtually unscented, and actually very, very effective.

The one I’m recommending today is Dream Cream. It really is my Dream Cream too; it’s the most amazing remedy for sun-sore skin, itchy skin that’s needs calming down, and generally dry, blotchy skin. (Notice I say sun sore and not sun burnt. That’s because I haven’t tested it on sunburn – but if anyone has, please let me know!) A pot of this body cream contains just about everything that I would want it to contain – in fact, were I to design a body cream, it would probably be very similar to this one!

So here we go with ‘what’s in the pot’: Oat Milk, which has been used for centuries on problem skin, calms irritation and is great for hot, beached-out bodies. Rose, Chamomile and Lavender are all beautifully soothing too, and for powerful moisturising, there’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Cocoa Butter!

This formula is instantly absorbed, leaves no trace of tackiness or greasiness, but is also satisfyingly thick and creamy in the pot. This is an unexpected winner for me in the ‘soothing products’ line, and I shall be using it as an aftersun before bed. (NB if you’ve been in the sun and your skin does look red, don’t apply this straight away – it’ll trap the heat and make sunburn worse. That goes for any moisturising cream, really. See my next post for a great sunburn remedy!)

Lush Dream Cream (240g), £9.85. Available from Lush stores nationwide.

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