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Two quick pics for you here: the first was the view from my table at the Duck & Waffle, the second is a photograph of my dinner that I had at the Duck & Waffle a few weeks ago which was, as you may have guessed by now, a Duck & Waffle. Crispy-skinned confit of duck on a fluffy, perfect waffle (made of pancake batter, for those in the UK who are thinking of potato waffles) topped with a huge fried duck egg and served with maple syrup.

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It was actually very tasty. I’m a big pancake-and-bacon fan, so this dish was never going to be far from the mark. Stick an egg on anything and I’m placated, give me a bowl of syrup and you’ve won me over. Good combo. (Yes, I know: many of you are now vomming onto your laptops.) Other delights (I’m being serious) were the mutton slider (an earthier, more robust version of the classic, weedy lamb-burger) and the beetroot salad with goat curd and crunchie bars. I don’t know whether it actually said crunchie bars on the menu, but it was definitely great hulking chunks of honeycomb. Rank to the eye, quite inexplicably pleasing to the tongue. Or maybe it was the free-flowing Cava (Prosecco was unavailable) messing with my taste-buds…

The Duck & Waffle is on the fortieth floor of Heron Tower, just next to Liverpool Street Station in East London. My neck of the woods, that area – (if you’re ever going to bump into me then it’s probably in a postcode beginning with E) – and I do like a restaurant with a view. Possibly one of the best views in London, I think – if you’re considering booking the London Eye, don’t bother; go for lunch here instead and ask prettily for a good table. If you ordered carefully and drank only tap water, it’d probably work out cheaper than the Eye anyway.

If, however, you decide to drink wine and you don’t order carefully, then be prepared to cry. It ain’t cheap.

You can find out more about the highest restaurant in the UK here:

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