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I had completely forgotten that some of you had asked for a closer look at my biker-style boots that I wore in Miami. They are from a brand called Durango and they are so, so brilliant. Great quality leather and very sturdy construction. They do loads of different styles (it’s actually quite overwhelming when you start searching their website!) with everything from colourful cowboy boots to plainer biker boots. There isn’t a Durango store in the UK, but there are stockists (or see below for online) – you can call 01302714192 for your nearest. Luckily, if you’re ordering online, they seem to run quite true to size. My boots (the brown harness boots) are in a size 8M – a UK6. They are perhaps on the narrow side, considering that they are supposed to be a medium width, but of course leather boots do stretch out and soften with wear, and they aren’t tight or uncomfortable at all. UPDATE: my apologies. Durango are stocked in various places nationwide, I’ll try and find out where.

My boots seem to be out of stock at the moment, but ironically they have the ones that I originally wanted – take a look at these little beauties:

Durango Crush Sultry Slouch Boot

The “Crush” Sultry Slouch Boot. Sexy little heel height, nice metal toe-cap detail and a vintaged, worn-in look to the leather. Gorgeous! You can find more details on their website here. Price-wise, all of the boots seem to be incredibly reasonable – the Crush boots above are shown at £98, and once you add import duty and shipping (they come from the US) you’re looking at around £135. Compared to some of the boots that I’ve bought in London (that were twice the price and less comfy!) I think that they are pretty good value.

I’m going to LA in a couple of weeks so I’m going to track down a store that stocks Durango and have a try on of a few different styles – I’ll report back on my findings. I’ll probably come back with about twenty pairs. Maybe I should take orders…

durango boot review

This is the (completely OTT and brilliant) box that the boots come in. The cat still hides in it months later and I can’t bear to throw it out. He actually gets in and then closes the lid over the top of himself so that he’s trapped. So there you go – great boots and a free cat toy thrown in for good measure.


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