e.l.f. Cosmetics – The ‘Natural’ Face

I can’t quite believe the prices of the cosmetics at ‘e.l.f.’ or ‘eyes lips face’. In the basic range, which has a HUGE selection of products, everything is £1.50. £1.50! When you watch the video below, you’ll hear me say ‘£1.50’ quite a lot, and that’s because I like the way it sounds. £1.50 is music to my ears – it’s less than a hot chocolate from Costa, less than a tube ticket, less than an organic avocado, for crying out loud!

Each and every product that I tested out for the ‘natural face’ video was of good – sometimes excellent – quality. I particularly liked the conditioning lip balm and the brightening eyeliner and the bronzer was nice and subtle. My only gripe was the ‘Total Face’ brush, which I found too hard and spikey, but the next size down ‘Blusher / Bronzer’ blush was fine. And I did keep having to remind myself that yes, everything is just £1.50!

So watch the video and see what you think; I’ve done a whole face with just e.l.f. products, but obviously in real life you can pick and choose which bits and pieces you want to have a play about with. The very low prices (£1.50, did I mention that?) allow you to try out new looks without feeling as though you’ve made a terrible, expensive mistake!

See below the video for a list of products and shades.

Concealer: Light Beige       Bronzer: Sunkissed      Lip Balm: Strawberry Creme    Facial Whip: Persimmon    Tinted Moisturiser: Apricot Beige        Blusher: Innocence        Brightening Eyeliner:  Coffee

I used the Total Face Brush  (which I swapped for my Prescriptives Brush because I didn’t like it)  and the Bronzer/Blusher Brush.

All of these products are £1.50 from www.eyeslipsface.co.uk

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