Is it Too Early to Say the C Word?

christmas gift ideas

Every year I am filled with a sense of abject horror when people tell me that they have completed their Christmas shopping already. “But it’s only the start of November!” I say and then they give me a pitying look, the kind of look that your Mum gives you when you tell her that you don’t iron your pillowcases. (Point in that?)

I usually do all of my Christmas shopping in December, when I’m actually starting to feel Christmassy, and that’s usually when I post up my Christmas Gift Guide videos too. However this year, to accommodate those people who like to shop way in advance, I’m bringing it all forward. You’ll have everything you need to inspire, delight and excite you (shopping-wise) before the first week of December. Hopefully.

This post is a little pre-cursor, some nice morsels that are quite girly and universally pleasing. Just to show that I am completely on the ball with this Christmas thing. Completely. Personally, I feel that it’s still too early for Christmas, but I am trying to be accommodating this year – and with my tendency to run about three weeks late with any feature I propose, it’s probably a good idea to start now. So, apologies to those who (like me) like to leave things until the week before and to those who prefer to shop early, fill your boots! 

charbonnel walker sea salt truffles

1) Charbonnel et Walker Truffles, to make any recipient feel like Marie Antoinette. (Eating cakes and stuff, not getting her head cut off.) They are just the best. Pure decadence. £12.50 from Liberty here – there are many delicious versions, but I do have a bit of a “thing” for salted caramel, so.

dream team pillow mist

2) The Dream Team duo from This Works. I can’t really recommend the Deep Sleep Pillow Spray more than I have done already. I use it every night. Here it is in miniature with an accompanying roller-ball; but (dare I say it?) if you were buying for yourself and didn’t need the fancy packet, you would be better off, in my opinion, spending £6 more and just buying the spray. 75ml for £16 here, whereas you only get 5ml in the intro pack. The set is £10 from here.

liberty cat postcard

3) Cat print postcards and matching envelopes, just because they have cats on them but don’t look like something a four-year-old might send. It’s hard to satisfy your cat cravings in a mature way, but these are quite chic, I feel. £6.96 from Liberty here.

christmas gift guide

4) Aromatherapy Associates’ Little Bell is a brilliant luxe stocking filler for those who appreciate the idea of quality over quantity. When it comes to effective aromatherapy, these bath oils are just about the best you can get. I rely on them continuously for revving up, winding down and everything in between. The Little Bell hanging box comes with 7.5ml of the Revive Bath & Shower Oil and costs £10 here.

christmas gift guide

5) Not really within the “stocking fillers” remit, I’ll grant you that, but I think that Rory Dobner’s illustrated tiles make brilliant small gifts. Very collectible, very beautiful and with more than a hint of Alice in Wonderland about them. You can find the full range at Liberty here – the tiles are priced at £39.50 each.

christmas gift ideas

6) I first saw this gorgeous little book featured in Stylist magazine and had to order it immediately. It’s a book filled with teddy bear portraits and the stories behind the toys – pure nostalgia and I’ll admit that it brought a tear to my ridiculously sensitive eye. (Dust.) £7.69 with free delivery here at Amazon.

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