The Early Pregnancy Diaries: 10 Weeks

early pregnancy diaries

I’m feeling  a bit better this week in that I’m not so nauseous, but I’ve still had two naps today so perhaps I shouldn’t count my chickens, etc! My stomach is HUGE but I’m convinced that it’s just a big layer of fat with some bloating underneath it.

The main thing is just a general sense of fatigue – did this go away after the first trimester last time? I can’t remember. I need to dig out my diary so that I can do a comparison. At any rate, it’s so different this time with a baby to look after as well – I’m constantly knackered anyway, so it’s hard to tell whether it’s pregnancy tiredness or just a general “please let me go to bed and sleep for two days” sensation.

I must write a proper post on this, but I’ve been thinking about the main differences between my “baby 1” pregnancy and “baby 2”:

  1. I’m fatter earlier. I feel disgusting and not like the ripe pod of life I was the first time around when my thighs were still nice and didn’t look like porridge and my arms didn’t have cellulite on them when I squeezed them. And my boobs were up on my chest, where, y’know, they’re supposed to be.
  2. I’m much more tired. Though my husband says that I was this tired last time, I just didn’t moan about it so much! Ha. The tiredness now is utterly overwhelming – I sleep every single time that Angelica sleeps.
  3. Less sympathy from people when I moan about feeling sick or tired – there’s an air of “you knew what you were getting yourself into”. Hohoho!
  4. Less excitement about maternity wear – last time I was so excited to show off the bump and find a few new things from my wardrobe. This time I keep trawling The Outnet for things that might be suitable and still be appropriate post-baby – maybe I’m just more sensible, or maybe I’m a bit over maternity stuff because it wasn’t that long ago (six months) that I put it on the loft.

I’m aware that these early pregnancy diaries seem like a long moan about symptoms and worries; I thought that it would go without saying how absolutely overjoyed and grateful I am to be pregnant again, but actually I shouldn’t take it for granted that people know that, especially if they are new readers. Six-ish long years to get Angelica and I genuinely didn’t know whether we’d ever have a baby, so to have number two on the way is just amazing. All of my gripes are, in case I forget to constantly remind whoever is reading (if I even publish these diaries!) set against a background of utter joy and disbelief that I have been so fortunate again.

I should add that in a way this pregnancy feels more exciting because I know what to expect and how incredible the prize is at the end of it all. I love Angelica more and more every day and I can’t wait to grow my little family.

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