The Early Pregnancy Diaries: 11 Weeks

early pregnancy diary

Not so much sickness at all, this week – it’s amazing how something can take over your life so completely and then just creep away quietly so that you forget it was ever there. I’m still very tired, so I definitely feel the baby “presence” but I’m definitely far less nauseous. Unless I’m hungry in which case it can be quite intense! I’m starting to fancy eating different foods again, getting my appetite back, though still not keen on red meat. My stomach is ridiculously large and has been for weeks – it’s impossible to hide it now.

Having the occasional headache, but nothing too bad – the main “thing of the week” is my preoccupation with the twinges and growing pains in my abdomen. I remember that these really upset me last time, I thought that they were a sign of miscarriage, so trying to stay calm this time around and think of them as good and positive pains. I feel as though I “pull a muscle” down there really easily, so picking up the baby and putting her down all of the time freaks me out a bit, but there’s nothing much I can do about that. I can’t very well leave her on the floor all day!

Overall I’m feeling quite relaxed and confident this week – only a week until the “proper scan”…

*UPDATE – 11 Weeks + 4 Days: I feel so sick! Sickness and headaches back with a vengeance. Also I have a bad stomach (runs) if I eat anything that’s not just bland and boring. Ugh.

*UPDATE – 11 Weeks + 5 Days: woke up feeling great so naturally I am panicking that something is wrong. Even though I’ve had a positive scan, I feel different – my stomach feels empty and flabby. Hopefully it’s because the bloating has gone down – I still feel knackered and, maybe, dizzy. Am I dizzy? I think so. I’m considering doing a pregnancy test, but that’s a slippery slope, isn’t it?

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