The Early Pregnancy Diaries: 9 Weeks

early pregnancy diary 9 weeks

I had an early scan. I’m feeling more confident about things now – I felt I just had to be quite brave and get it over with, it felt like a massive waste of time and energy just sitting around worrying all the time and not knowing what was going on.

Watch the 9 Week Vlog on Youtube here – I filmed it in the carpark before and after the scan…

I went on my own because I couldn’t deal with the baby seeing me upset if it was bad news. I procrastinated for ages and then thought, I need to know! We are going to a wedding at the weekend and people would just know I was pregnant (not drinking, visible bump) and I couldn’t cope with having to chat endlessly about a pregnancy I didn’t even know was progressing.

The mad thing is, WHY would I even think there was something wrong? I’ve had no sign of anything being wrong… Does everyone feel this way or is it only if you’ve miscarried before, I wonder?

Anyway, all is well and I’m actually slightly further along than I thought – nearly a week, to be precise! So that’s good. Shave some time off this early pregnancy limbo… I can highly recommend the scan centres that they have at the big Mothercare superstores – I went to one last time, too, at around 12 weeks because I wanted some pictures to show my parents when we were going away for my birthday. (I only had five days to wait until the proper hospital scan but I was impatient!) There are loads of private places where you can have a scan, but I like the fact that with the Mothercare centre ones you can book online and it shows you all of the available time slots on any given day – it just feels more like you’re booking tickets for the cinema or something equally unimportant. For some reason I find that reassuring…

Must say that most of my pregnancy symptoms have come earlier this time around and (I think) are more pronounced – aches and pains, bad stomach, extreme fatigue.. Maybe it’s because I was already out of shape from having Angelica. Still having waves of nausea and finding it difficult to know what to eat – sometimes I read cookbooks as I eat my Coco Pops in an attempt to find something that sparks my interest, but nothing really does, despite the fact that I seem to have a constant hunger that can’t be satisfied…

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