Easiest Goat’s Cheese Salad

goat cheese beetroot salad

This is the easiest goat’s cheese salad ever. I eat loads of different goat’s cheese lunches but this one is the quickest to make as it requires no cooking, just the opening of a few packets! It’s barely a recipe, to be honest, and hardly even warrants a proper post, but I have it at least once a week and it’s properly delicious, so. Here’s the “method” – this serves two as a main course, though hungry people might want to supplement with a hunk of fresh bread or what have you:

100-150g soft goat’s cheese (or as much or as little as you want, obviously) – I like the Abergavenny one from Sainsbury’s.

1 packet of Sweetfire/Sweetflame/Cocktail beetroot. (Basically, beetroot that has been pre-cooked but then seeped in lovely stuff like balsamic vinegar and chilli and so on, rather than malt vinegar. The Sainsbury’s cocktail ones are good, and the “sweetflame” and so are Tesco’s Finest ones.)

1 small bag of rocket.

Salt, pepper, great quality olive oil and great quality balsamic vinegar or balsamic reduction.

Are you ready for the “how to”? Drop everything else, because you’re going to have to really concentrate… Open bag of rocket and place in salad bowl. Dress the leaves with the olive oil, a nice peppery one, and a drizzle of balsamic. I usually toss it all about with my hands to get all of the leaves nicely coated and add a bit of salt and pepper as I go. (Not much, though, because the goat’s cheese and beetroot don’t really need a lot of salt and the rocket is already peppery.) After this taxing bit of food prep, all that’s left to do is halve the already small beetroots and chuck them into the bowl and then add the goat’s cheese – I use two teaspoons to get little nuggets of cheese and slide them off into the salad. Don’t toss the salad about too much after this, otherwise the cheese gets all spread out and messy and the beetroot makes everything pink! That’s why I dress the leaves first.

Easiest salad ever. Pretty healthy, nice and colourful – you could add grilled peppers and cooked red onion into the mix, too, and hunks of roasted chicken breast taste lovely if you want to add more protein. It’s a brilliant stand-by lunch and doesn’t look too shabby if friends turn up and you need to knock something together quickly…

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