Easter Damage Control Phase 2: Elemis Lavender Repair Mask

Am I the only one following my post-Easter six-day starvation plan? I hope not; the idea that I am alone in sitting down to my beige, tasteless breakfast is too depressing for words. If you missed yesterdays rash and irresponsible diet plan, then it’s not too late to start rewinding the clock and cancelling out those chocolate excesses! Join me! Otherwise, it’s on to phase 2 of Easter Damage Control. The Face. If your skin is suffering from chocolate overload, then you need a quick-fix to get rid of any greasiness and sallowness. Last night I used the Herbal Lavender Repair Mask by Elemis. The formula is perfect for counteracting the effects of overindulgence; it contains Rosemary,Thyme and Lavender essential oils which are antiseptic and great for purifying the skin. Because I never read the instructions on products (just one of my many shortcomings), I left the mask on for 25 minutes, but I later found out that it needs merely 15 minutes to do its thing. And what a brilliant thing it does! The uncomfortable feeling that I had been experiencing since Sunday (like tiny red balloons were being inflated around my nose) completely disappeared. Grease banished. Sallowness washed away. This would be an amazing mask for teens with problem skin! But for non-teens, good to keep a tube of this on standby for Easter. And Christmas. And Bank Holidays. Most weekends, really. £26 from Elemis

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